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How can slate and tile roofing benefit your home?

Naturally impervious to fire and water, slate offers superior protection for your home while offering its own natural beauty and class.


Clay tiles are one of the most distinctive and decorative historic roofing materials because of the great variety of shapes, colors, profiles, patterns and textures. Traditionally, clay titles were formed by hand and later by machine and fired in high-temperature kilns.


While a slate or tile roof will last a lifetime, it still needs proper maintenance.  Have your roof checked regularly for cracked or broken pieces that can happen due to changing weather, foot traffic, or falling tree limbs. Don't let just anyone walk around on your slate or tile roof; trust a company with nearly 50 years experience.

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- Slate roofing

- Clay tile roofing

- Simulated slate

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Since 1965, family owned and operated Murr & Laney Inc has been providing expert roofing services to both commercial and residential properties in North and South Carolina.

Trust in the state licensed and insured roofers at Murr & Laney Inc.

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The slate used for your new roof might still be older, but nearly 50 years providing exceptional service to all of North Carolina and South Carolina is still plenty of time to have built a solid reputation of dependable service.


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